Research Projects

The Harms Beyond Punishment

A work-in-progress online seminar series on collateral consequences of conviction.
William Bülow (Stockholm University)
Zachary Hoskins (University of Nottingham)

Pedagogies of Punishment

How and Why Should Schools Punish Students (If at All)?

With principal investigators John Tillson (Liverpool Hope University) and Winston C. Thompson (The Ohio State University) at the helm, this Center for Ethics & Education funded project brings together emerging and established scholars from a range of institutions and disciplines (inter alia, education, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology) to discuss the defensibility of punishment in schools, addressing the specific complexities of two similar though distinct contexts (i.e., the US and the UK). This shared work endeavours to establish and explore normative criteria by which to evaluate and inform decisions about school discipline policies and practices.

Project Outputs

Interview, The emotional curriculum podcast 26/04/2020

Project Events

Symposium,  Columbus, USA, Ohio State University 24-28/04/2019

Conference, Liverpool Hope University, UK: Conference 02-06/07/2019

University of Manchester Centre for Political Theory Workshops 9-11/09/2019